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I. Product description

         2-Chloroaniline is mainly used in polyurethane elastomer vulcanizing agent, reactive dye, organic dye, medicine, pesticide, and other fields. Consumption ratio of 2-Chloroaniline: polyurethane elastomer vulcanizing agent 60%, organic pigment 13%, reactive dye 12%, medicine 7%, pesticide 6%, other 2%.

II. Properties

         2-Chloroaniline is amber liquid with ammonia odor. Almost insoluble in water, soluble in acid and most organic solvents. It functions as intermediate for pesticide, medicine, dye, and synthetic resin.

III. Quality index

IV. Uses

         1. As dye intermediate, solvent, mould inhibitor and reagent. Intermediate for pesticide and synthetic resin. It can be used in preparing azoic dye base, yellow base GC. It can also be used in producing permanent yellow R, permanent red FR, Hansa yellow HR, etc.

        2. It can be used in preparing medicine, pesticide, and cross-linking agent for PU resin. Moreover, it can also be used in organic synthesis.

        3. As dye intermediate, solvent, mould inhibitor, and reagent.

V. Storage

        Keep in cool and well-ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat source. The container should be sealed. Separate from oxidant, acid, and edible chemicals. The storage area shall be equipped with leakage treatment equipment and accepting materials.

VI. Packing

        It is packed by closed iron steel. Thickness is 1.2×1.2×1.2mm, volume is 210L or 240L, net weight is 200kg to 250kg. Or it is packed at customer's request. In addition, we also have ISO tank or IBC quantitive packing.

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